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But it is important to hold on to your own 'Me' time, and recharge your own batteries. Treat yourself to one of our therapy sessions - and you'll soon feel like things are back in control!
Welcome to Cheryl Hammond - Holistic Therapy Studio Website
As a qualified holistic and crystal massage therapist, I can help you to harness your own internal healing forces to aid you in your daily life.
Stress relief
Charmic healing
Increased well being
Working from the serene environment of our purpose built therapy studio, I can promise you an experience that will leave you relaxed, yet mentaly refreshed to face the days ahead.

In this frantic world we all too often forget about ourselves and our own well being as we rush around keeping everyone else happy.
Book 3 holistic or crystal massage treatments, for the price of 2. (offer excludes mobile treatments)
This Seasons Offer - 3 for 2 on all massage treatments
Email: Cheryl@CherylHammond.co.uk
Tel: 0116 216 0056
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Hypnotherapist joins the team
Resident Beauty Therapist - Body Talks Pip Harding joins us
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