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Holistic Therapies - Massage
is a form of tissue manipulation using the hands; it can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it.

Massage has been used in China since 3000BC, and was used for the promotion of health and restoration as well as for relaxation. It is a technique derived from many cultures including Japan, India and Greece.

Massage is used as a holistic treatment ? which means considering the whole person not just the symptom or condition. Psychology, environment and nutrition and the effects, both positive and negative, that these can have on the body are taken into consideration.

Everything we do in our daily lives affects our health and social well-being.

Some of the negative factors:
Lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, stressful job, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, financial problems, internalising problems.

Some of the positive factors:
Regular exercise, varied and healthy diet, enough sleep, fresh air and drinking lots of water.

The effects of massage are both physiological and psychological. When the body is massaged the action of manipulating the tissue affect the local area of the massage, whereas the response of the nerves to touch and movement affects the whole body.
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